Aval Movie review Movie Review

Aval Movie review


The script Aval is all about the suffering of two families haunted by ghosts; en route, it also narrates the terrible experiences of those who try to help them.

The story is set in the backdrop of picturesque Himachal Pradesh. The movie happens in the current time, with the seed for the occurrences getting sowed some 80 years back.
Dr Krishna (Siddharth), a smart brain surgeon, lives with his beautiful wife Lakshmi (Andrea Jeremiah) under the mountains. They share a special bondage between them. Their almost fairy-tale like life gets disturbed once they get a new a family as their neighbors.

Jennifer (Anisha Angelina Victor), the teenage girl of the new family, is rebellious. She had lost her mother at a young age and despite the affection showered on her by her step-mother, she doesn’t seem to be comfortable. She smokes occasionally and she hits upon Dr. Krish.

One fine day she is found in a dangerous situation and Krish saves her. Then a series of paranormal incidents continues to haunt them. The family and Krish try to save the girl through many ways including psychiatric treatment and exorcism. It is later learnt that Jennifer’s house is haunted by ancient spirits, and one of them is bloodthirsty. The ghosts target Krish’s family too.

How do they manage to escape from the grip of the ancient spirits is the crux of the movie.

Script review

We have seen many movies dealing with fight between humans and ghosts. The script has some nuanced portrayal of ghosts as we find some good spirits and bad spirits.
Director Milind Rau and actor Siddharth, who has also co-written the script, have presented a perfect horror movie with some real thrill without restoring to any gimmicks. The script keeps you engaged till the end with all its twists and turns. Smart execution of the script helped by good cinematography, music and a few good performances make the movie highly impressive indeed.

Aval is indeed a sincere attempt to present a horror thriller.


Siddharth has emoted very well as a caring, loving husband and as a doctor whose responsibility is to save the life of a girl ‘seized’ by a ghost. Siddharth’s acting prowess takes center-stage when he himself falls prey to the ‘games’ played by the ghost. The character he has taken up has done justice to the script. Andrea’s acting is improving with each film of hers and her expressive eyes and subtle yet delicate facial expressions help her take up the role and perform it to perfection.
Anisha is simply out-of-the-world as the girl seized by the ghost; she shines very well on occasions when she is mentally detached from the family and when she comes under attack by the ghost. Atul Kulkarni and others have also performed very well.

Ravi Varma’s cinematography brings out the ethereal beauty of Himachal Pradesh in an admirable manner; he has also done a great job in showing the ghosts in action. Dearajan’s music adds to the mood of the film and goes completely silent at times.

Positive points:

• Tight script with minimal flaws• Cinematography• Music• Performances of the lead actors/actresses

Negative points:

• Slight dragging in the second-half• Script does remember a few Hollywood movies
Verdict: Aval is a genuine horror thriller with a gripping screenplay. Stunning visuals, imaginative music and good performances make the movie highly watchable.

Verdict : An impressive and well-made horror thriller!

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