BLADE RUNNER 2049 Movie Review Movie Review

BLADE RUNNER 2049 Movie Review

It’s hard enough to create a satisfying sequel to any movie, let alone to do it 35 years after the first film debuted. But filmmaker Denis Villenueve defied the odds to deliver the absorbing, complex and visually dazzling Blade Runner 2049. Villenueve masterfully captures the look and, most importantly, the mood of Scott’s wholly original creation. It feels like the original, thanks to the astonishingly artful cinematography of Roger Deakins.

Warner Brothers and director Denis Villeneuve have gone to extreme lengths to keep the majority of details about their sci-fi sequel a secret, however, the tight-lipped approach to Blade Runner 2049 may have inadvertently doomed it at the box office. Audiences knew so little about the film from its less-than-engaging trailers that they simply didn’t bother to attend. Which is a shame, because Blade Runner 2049 is one of the very best films of 2017.

Ryan Gosling provides a palpable degree of emotional heft that grounds the story amid all its futuristic high-rises. Deckard’s presence looms ghost-like throughout the familiar cityscape from the moment the film starts, and the unique way he’s employed in the story, pays off handsomely. There’s also an impressive array of performers in quirky supporting roles, and most of them shine, especially the women. Ana de Armas, Mackenzie Davis, Sylvia Hoeks and Carla Juri make the most of their roles.

Though the original Blade Runner is no doubt the superior film of the two, Villenueve has crafted a sequel that is in sync with the original’s tone and theme.

Verdict : BLADE RUNNER 2049 Power

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