Iruttu Araiyil Murattu Kuththu Movie Review Movie Review

Iruttu Araiyil Murattu Kuththu Movie Review

Adult comedy genre is a road, that is not often taken in Tamil cinema, and we have seen only a handful films. Post the box office success of Hara Hara Mahadevaki, Gautham Karthik - Santhosh P Jayakumar and the team are back with their next outing, Iruttu Araiyil Murattu Kuthu, which has hit the screens today, among high expectations from youngsters.

 The plotline is very simple. Two couples, Gautham Karthik - Vaibhavi Shandilya, and Shah Ra - Yashika Anand go on a trip to Thailand, and they witness some weird happenings inside their guest house. If you closely look at the first look poster of the film, you can definitely predict the story, and it is not going to be a big deal. The ghost is, of course, inside the guest house, and this time, the ghost’s needs and unfulfilled interests are different. Remember, this is an adult film? So, hazard a guess on what could be the ghost’s need. 

Gautham Karthik does a neat job with his performance, and there are no big complaints with his work. Shah Ra’s one-liners and counters work well at a few places, but on the whole, it might not excite much, to a section of the audience. The leading ladies of the film are used only as glam dolls right from the first frame until the last. Motta Rajendran, Balasaravanan, Karunakaran, and ‘Jangri’ Madhumitha’s entries in the second half, look force-fitted, as it only makes the screenplay less exciting.

 The makers have made a bang-on adult film, and there is no conservativeness in the screenplay or its treatment. But do that bang-on adult comedies work, is a debatable topic. A few handfuls of adult portions, like the Viagra scene, and zip lock comedy will entertain the audience more. Dialogues add value to the genre, and the usage of contemporary adult phrases will connect big time with the youngsters. The mainstream audience has the Bigg Boss spoof comedies for their laughter. Watch out for Gayathri Raguramm, Bharani, and Harish Kalyan references!

 On the downside, the redundancy of gay sex comedy (avana nee?) types do not entertain at all. There is no grip in the screenplay to hook the audience to their seats. Depending totally on the adult jokes and the theme has not completely worked in favour of the movie. A few set of audiences might feel that they are taken for granted at places, forcing them to consider this film as a timepass adult comedy entertainer. Even though the audience gets to see some funny scenes here and there, IAMK lacks the completeness of an adult comedy film.

The initial 30 minutes (until the Thailand song) and a major part of the second half suffer from screenplay lags, with no major highpoint.  Except for the dialogues, the whole of the writing is weak. The film’s statutory warning advise the audience to carry a tissue in their hand, but that just seems to be a hype, as you don’t find any scenes of that sort. Being framed as an ‘adult horror comedy’, there is not even a single jump scare to justify the ‘horror’ tag. The songs are neither visually enjoyable nor aurally interesting!

Ballu’s camera work is good, and the colour tone of the visuals, supplement the film well. G.K.Prasanna’s trendy and crispy cuts is another pro for the film. Given the theme of the film, Balamurali Balu’s music is passable. Santhosh’s intention to give a full-fledged adult comedy is noteworthy, but he could have concentrated more on writing fresh jokes and a gripping screenplay. The execution part needed much more focus and completeness.

Go along with your friends, you might enjoy the film a little more. Strictly for an adult audience!

Verdict : An entire fiest for youngsters! Strictly Adult Content!

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