Julie 2 Movie Review Movie Review

Julie 2 Movie Review

Julie 2 Story

Julie 2 is all about the life story of actress Julie (Raai Laxmi) who is busy shooting for the biopic of Late Sumitra Devi’s life, the wife of renowned politician Ashwini Asthana (Pankaj Tripathi). One fine day, Julie decides to confess her every dark deed before media after which things change completely. The whole industry slams her for this and they decide not to work with Julie again. A murder attempt will be planned on the renowned actress and the rest of Julie 2 is about what happens next. Watch Julie 2 to know about the complete story.

Julie 2 Analysis

Julie 2 Movie Review, Rating, Story, Cast & CrewJulie 2 starts on a decent note but the film turns weird as it passes on. The levels of vulgarity has been injected into the film forcefully which makes the film look unnatural. The skin show of Raai Laxmi looks decent for some time but the audience get shattered for the unwanted glamorous attempts throughout. The director fails in all the available ways in narrating the dark facts with utmost perfection. The first half of Julie 2 has been dull and fails to live up the expectations. 

The second half of Julie 2 too offers nothing interesting. The entire film looks predictable, outdated and creates enough confusion. The director misses the clarity on his hold and the plot gets deviated several times. The songs have been ok but they don't match the film's mood. The climax has nothing much to offer as the entire plot has been unfolded before. The second half of Julie 2 is a sheer disappointment.Performance

Raai Laxmi has been extremely stupendous and beautiful on screen but her too much screen presence leaves the audience in irritation. She has been exceptional in glamorous scenes and Rati Agnihotri has been completely wasted. Pankaj Tripathi and Aditya Shrivastava have been decent in their roles. All the other actors have been perfect and apt in their roles. 

Julie 2 has a lean and predictable plot. What makes the film even worse is the poor screenplay and the slammed narration. The songs have been shot well but they are not melodious. The cinematography is an asset for Julie 2 and the production values have been decent. The director fails in all the available ways in making Julie 2 an impressive film.

Verdict : Julie 2 offers nothing except some decent skin show of Raai Laxmi. The film fails in all the available ways and can be given a skip

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