kalavaadiya pozhuthugal movie review Movie Review

kalavaadiya pozhuthugal movie review

Actor-cinematographer Thangar Bachan’s almost-forgotten Kalavadiya Pozhudhugal, which was made more than six years back, has finally seen the light of the day. Shot before actress Bhumika Chawla settled in matrimony and notwithstanding the prolonged delay in its theatrical release, the film comes across refreshingly with a noteworthy script.


Prabhu Deva, a taxi driver in Coimbatore, rescues Prakash Raj during an accident. After recovering from a serious injury, Prakash Raj wants to meet his rescuer. He asks his wife Bhumika to help Prabhu Deva and his family in every possible way. However, Prabhu Deva refuses to meet Bhumika to accept any sort of help. Why does he not want to meet Bhumika? What happened between them? Did Prakash ever got to meet his saviour Prabhu? Watch the emotional drama by Thangar Bachan to know the answers.

Script analysis

What is love? Where does the soul of love exist? Thangar’s movie makes us think hard on such questions and explore the answers right from our own lives. It triggers our own emotional journey through love and other bondages. Meeting a former lover is not always a pleasant thing; at the same time, it is not always painful either. The experience might differ from person to person and from time to time. Thangar’s movie presents us a unique experience of two former lovers.

Whatever great or desirable our past might have been, we all have a present that could be affected by the past. The movie sensitively deals with how the two former lovers face such a moment and how they handle it. Thangar also deals with the possible development in such an encounter with some interesting turning points. The characterizations of the main roles have been well thought of and filmed.

The movie touches our hearts with genuine emotion though the emotional aspect appears a bit too exaggerated at some point. The sublimity of love has been portrayed very well indeed. On the flip side, Thangar depends on too many sentimental scenes that dampen the impact of genuine emotions up to some point. Some sequences are quite stereotypical, resembling the never-ending episodes of a mega tele-serial.

Thangar has added extra fittings like the flaws of politics and the media in the narrative dealing with the soul of love and affection. However, the movie could have been better without them.

The feel-good movie also suffers from a single dimensional approach towards love and relationship.

Performance analysis

Prabhu Deva has literally lived in the character of a good-hearted taxi driver, an emotional lover and a faithful family man. His facial expressions and body language beautifully convey the essence of the character. He makes us cry when he cries in the lap of his wife. Prakash Raj and Bhumika strengthen the script with their power-packed performances. Thangar has done incredibly well in casting these two in their respective characters. Child-artiste Joshika shines in her role.

Bharadwaj’s music and background score are the film’s backbone with Azhagazhage and Cheran Enge songs standing out. Thangar Bachan’s cinematography, script and dialogues are effective and are ably supported by K. Kathir’ art-direction.

• Feel-good aspect
• Sensitive story and script
• Good performances
• Cinematography
• Music
• Genuine emotions


• Single-dimensional approach
• Tele-serial like incidents
• Exaggeration in a few scenes
• Extra fittings like critique on politics and media

Verdict: Kalavidaya Pozhudhugal is sure to steal (Kalavadudhal) the hearts of those who were in love, are in love and will be in love sometime in future!

Verdict : Genuine emotional drama

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