Sathya Movie Review Movie Review

Sathya Movie Review

Right from the first minute till the end, Sathya keeps you more engaged with lots of edge-seated moments. Perhaps, this could be a surprisal beginning for any reviews to give the best and straight verdict by the first line. Such happens to be the experience of watching Sathya, which offers a complete feel of a thriller movie.

The film is directed by Pradeep Krishnamoorthy, who earlier made the film ‘Saithan’. He has adapted the original version of Telugu ‘Kshanam’ with brilliance. He has made slightest changes to the script and has intensified certain characterizations. The best illustration goes with the characterization of Anand Raj, which might have not been evident in Telugu version. While the entire screenplay is narrated with thriller and suspense, we get to see that his role adds more humorous refreshment. Sibiraj has done a neat job with his acting skills being far enough than matured when compared to his erstwhile movies. His body language is also noteworthy. But who keeps winning our attention is Remya Nambeesan for she has excelled with a colossal show. Varalaxmi Sarathkumar could have done yet finer job.

The running length of this film is the biggest plus, where the screenplay is kept intact for next 140 minutes. It is really difficult to handle a film like, especially when it a remake as it would add more pressures to a director. But Pradeep has managed to make it so much compelling. The background score and songs by Simon K King are so much appreciable, especially the song ‘Yavvana’. Cinematography has been done with neat panache as well.

There are few instances in the film, where twist keeps happening for every 5-10 minutes interval. This has a greater impact on the movie watching experience of audiences.

On the whole, Sathya holds good prominence for nuance performances, spellbinding screenplay with twists and turns. This could be the shortest reviews that Studio Flicks has presented. This is precisely because revealing any sequence or scene in ‘Sathya’ will turn out to be a spoiler.

Verdict : Watched Sathya? Post your rating and comments below.

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