Actor Nani Reacts To Actress Sri Reddy’s Allegations Cinema News

Actor Nani reacts to Actress Sri Reddy’s allegations

Recently, actress Sri Reddy made derogatory comments against Nani by posting about how the actor has exploited a few girls in the industry. The actor’s fans were upset with her post, and went on to accuse the actor of not reacting to it. Nani has  finally decided to break his silence, and in fact, chose to take legal action against Sri Reddy.  

Nani wrote on his social media page, saying, “I am NOT going to join the filth by reacting. I am NOT going to give them what they want. Initiated legal action, Legal notice has been despatched for filing defamation cases. The fact that someone can randomly pick up names who are soft targets and spread such absolutely baseless nonsense and think that they can actually get away with it, disturbs me! I’m not worried about me, I’m worried for us and the society we live in.” 


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