Actor Vijay Yesudas: 'dad And I Never Discuss Films' Cinema News

Actor Vijay Yesudas: 'Dad And I Never Discuss Films'

Actor-singer Vijay Yesudas, who is gearing up for the release of his film Padai Veeran, says that playing a village boy, was a one-of-its kind experience. Talking to us, he said, “To prepare for this role, I banked on my experience from Maari. Playing a youngster, who just graduated from a polytechnic was fun.”

Directed by Dhana, Vijay said, the movie will be a commercial entertainer with a strong script. “I listened to this script six months after Maari and was busy with music projects. When Dhana narrated to me the script it immediately struck a chord with me. I don’t know if the audience have expectations from me as an actor, but this movie will showcase me as a better performer,” he added.

Divulging more about his role, Vijay said, “The story is about a guy, who roams around his village happily with his friends after completing his education and how certain incidents change his carefree attitude.”

While Vijay Yesudas has crooned hit numbers like 'Dhaavani Pota Deepavali', 'Dheivangal Elaam' and 'Avalum Naanum', has singers like Haricharan and even Dhanush crooning for him in Padai Veeran. “It was a conscious decision that I don’t sing for myself for all the songs in this film. We have roped in singers according to the moods of the songs and the scene situations.”

Does he discuss scripts with his dad the legendary singer Yesudas? “Never. He is not interested in acting. Music is different, at times we have discussed songs. But not acting or scripts,” he concluded.


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