Actor Vijayakanth Had A Huge Part In Thalapathy Vijay's Success: Sa Chandrasekhar Cinema News

Actor Vijayakanth had a huge part in Thalapathy Vijay's success: SA Chandrasekhar

The 40th year anniversary of actor turned politician Vijayakant's career was celebrated in a grand function with many popular faces of the industry coming together to talk about the legendary actor's versatility. Talking at the even, Director SA Chandrasekhar was all praise for the star actor. He went on to say that Vijayakant helped his son Vijay when he first entered the film industry.

Talking about how Vijayakant helped Vijay, SA Chandrasekhar said, "My son wanted to become an actor and I made his first film ‘Naalaya Theerpu’, which didn't run well. Then I wanted to make him an good actor. I felt he would become a good actor if he works with Vijayakant. So in that intention, I called up Vijayakant adn told him I would be at his home in his house. But in two minutes he had come to my house and asked about what I wanted to talk. When I told him about making Vijay acting along with him, all he asked was when are we starting."

Vijay and Vijayakanth acted together in the film 'Senthoorapandi' directed by SA Chandrasekhar and the film went on to become a huge hit.

"When I started to talk about the remuneration part, Vijayakanth asked me to start the shoot and said that other things can be discussed later. He said finish the film first and let Vijay become an actor. So Vijayakant has a huge part in being a stepping stone for Vijay's career," said SA Chandrasekhar who made seventeen films with Vijaykanth.



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