Actress Amala Paul Has Cracked Secret Behind Actor Aravind Swamy’s Good Looks. Cinema News

Actress Amala Paul has cracked secret behind actor Aravind Swamy’s good looks.

Actress Amala Paul has cracked the code and revealed the secret behind actor Aravind Swamy’s good looks.

The actress, who got married to director A.L. Vijay a couple of years back before divorcing him last year, is awaiting the release in theatres of her upcoming film Bhaskar Oru Rascal (Tamil remake of Siddique’s Malayalam hit film Bhaskar The Rascal) in which she plays a mother of two kids and is paired up opposite Aravind Swamy. Baby Nainika (of Theri fame) plays an important role in the film.

With Amaresh Ganesh’s music, the film’s audio was released recently in Chennai. Taking part at the audio-launch, Amala said that she used to pray to the Almighty during the release of her films to make them turn out to be successful ventures. “For Bhaskar Oru Rascal, though, I pray to God to make producer Murugan a happy person as he sweated it out a lot involving him in spheres other than producing the film.

“I wasn’t even born when Siddique’s debut directorial venture released. When I was in college, we used to mock each other by repeating the dialogues in that film. I’m really honoured to have played the lead role in a film directed by him. Aravind Swamy is my darling who was the co-star in the film. I call him just as ‘Swam’ as he is my most favourite actor. The secret of his good looks even now is his good heart,” she concluded.


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