Actress Catherine Tresa: 'kalakalappu 2 Was A Positive Experience' Cinema News

Actress Catherine Tresa: 'Kalakalappu 2 Was A Positive Experience'

Catherine Tresa is on cloud nine. The actress has started off the year on a positive note with the box-office success of Kalakalappu 2. “I’m glad that my role of Hema has been accepted by the audience. They have always known me as Kalaiyarasi from Madras or Meenu Kutti from Kathakali. Though Meenu Kutti was a cute character, Kalai had a wider reach as a performer. Now, they identify me as Hema from Kalakalappu 2,” she begins. 

The actress also says that shooting for the film wasn’t taxing, despite shuttling across cities. “Sundar C had everything in place. The shoot was well-planned. And I was amazed by the sublime locations in Varanasi. The visuals have also turned out great. We shot in Kasi, Pune and Hyderabad. There were three different units working in these cities and it could’ve been difficult. But our task was cut out well and we found it easy,” adds the actress. 

Kalakalappu 2 also marks the first multi-starrer for Catherine in her five year-long career. “It was fun and as you saw in the film, all our roles had equal importance in the film, including the dog named Sugar,” she says, before adding, “Sugar’s real name is Boozo and he was such a sweetheart. He was my playmate in the vanity van and he was all over me. We had a lot of fun.”

She also says that her co-stars made the sets even better. Were Jiiva and Jai were most mischievous ones? “The entire set was filled with laughter and fun. I wouldn’t say Jiiva and Jai were the naughty ones but they kept cracking a lot of jokes and so did Sathish. He is very funny. We all had a good time, especially while shooting in Kasi. I loved the city. It’s always buzzing with activity. Adding to it, Hema coming from a traditional Tamil family, had a modern look. It’s much like how girls are these days. It was a positive experience overall,” she adds. 

Talking about her upcoming film, she says that she is shooting for a song in Puducherry for Neeya 2, in which she will share screen space with Jai yet again. When asked if they had watched the film on the big screen, she says, “Jai and I couldn’t watch the first day first show as we were shooting. We got a chance to catch the film only later on Friday evening after packup.”


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