Actress Dhansika Is Peeved At The Film Industry’s Double-standards Cinema News


Actress Dhansika a.k.a. Sai Dhansika has stated that she found it ‘difficult to digest’ the film industry’s double-standards.

“Those with money can do anything and get away with it; the industry supported Mersal when it faced problems but kept mum when Vizhithiru faced problems,” she said and added that she couldn’t understand the functioning of the film industry on most occasions. Dhansika and Krishna were taking part in a meeting which dissected the film Vizhithiru threadbare.

“I have seen success and failure in the film industry; in fact, I have tasted more failures than success. When Kabali became a super-duper hit, I didn’t float in the air but I do feel disappointed when (my) good films don’t do well at the box-office, mainly because of not getting good/adequate theaters. Vizhithiru happened as a result of the director’s 5-year long dream.

“More than taking part in success meets of films, I would like to share the agony of producers when their films don’t do well. We didn’t get theatres of our choice. When Mersal faced problems, the entire industry supported the film’s crew but didn’t support us. Only money makes things happen. TR commented badly about me but he wasn’t criticized by many,” Dhansika concluded.

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