Actress Flora Saini Wants To Work With ‘handsome’ Dulquer Salmaan Cinema News

Actress Flora Saini wants to work with ‘handsome’ Dulquer Salmaan

Asked if she was interested in making her debut in Malayalam cinema, Flora says, “I haven’t done any Malayalam film. It’s not by choice. It’s just that I never got an offer. Once or twice, things were supposed to happen but didn’t work out.” 

“The actor I would love to work with is Dulquer Salmaan. I think he is so handsome. I recently saw his film Karwaan and I was just blown away by that man. He’s so good looking. So, he’s somebody I’d definitely like to work with. Also his father... is so good. But Dulquer Salmaan is on top of the list,” says the actress. She likes being a part of south Indian film industry. “The best thing I like about working in South is their punctuality which now, I see in Mumbai as well. 

Initially during Love In Nepal, I didn’t see it. But I see it now. People are more dedicated. Also, because so many technicians are from the South. They have new ideas, they want to explore, they want to experiment and believe in the kind of cinema they would like to watch,” she concludes.


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