Actress Ileana Opens Up On Her Pregnancy Rumours Cinema News

Actress Ileana opens up on her pregnancy rumours

Actress Ileana D’Cruz has managed to prioritise family over work, conquering depression that stemmed from superficial judgments by faceless people, and ignoring constant rumours about her pregnancy. “I’m not pregnant. In fact, I would have been super happy if I was. It’s something I have always wanted. But there’s still time,” Ileana said during her Fiji sojourn as brand ambassador, laughing off rumours. There was a hullabaloo when she used ‘hubby’ for her Australian photographer beau Andrew Kneebone on social media, leaving fans playing the guessing game on her marital status. 

“It’s not important for me (to tell the world if I’m married or not). I do tell the world about my equation in a way, and let the world a little bit into my life. But I like it that way because I hate the negativity that comes with it. I’ve learnt to live with it as it has been a little over 12 years for me in the industry now,” said the 31-year-old actress. It was her boyfriend Andrew, in fact, who egged on Ileana to see a therapist when depression struck her.”

Things had got so bad that I was pushing people away. I didn’t realise how much I was alienating people. I would constantly refuse to go out when friends would call. At one point, I didn’t realise I was at home for a week... After that, I got an ultimatum from him,” shared Ileana. On her work front, she said, “I’m happy I’m doing films at a slow pace rather than doing everything. More often than not, this industry expects you to put work before family. They are like ‘The show must go on’ irrespective of whatever happens. That’s something I like to twist and tweak to my way as much as I can,” she said.


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