Actress Palak Lalwani: 'my Debut Film Will Appeal To Larger Audience' Cinema News

Actress Palak Lalwani: 'My Debut Film Will Appeal To Larger Audience'

After back-to-back successes in her first couple of films in Telugu, Pallak Lalwani says that she is up for challenges in Tamil cinema as well. The actress, who will be playing a North Chennai girl in her Tamil debut, directed by dance choreographer-turned-director Baba Baskar, says, "Though it took time for me to get used to my role in Kuppathu Raja, I loved the challenge. With a rustic makeover and North Chennai diction, I went blank for the first couple of day before slipping into the character." 

Divulging more about the preparation for the role, she says that Baskar taught her the her character’s body language using interesting dance movements. "While Baba Baskar instructed me saying one, two, three, four, I thought we were shooting for a dance sequence. It was only later he told me that it was for a subsequent scene from the film. That way, he made me feel comfortable and helped me to get used to my role easily," she says 

Adding on, "Also, in my very first film, I wouldn’t be speaking the normal Tamil. I am happy that I managed to get the Chennai Tamil right and hoping that the lip sync would match perfectly during the dubbing. The role also contrasts with my real life. I play a bold and a rugged girl. Also, the film is based on slum-based kids, I befriended so that the chemistry would reflect better on screen," she elaborates. 

Talking about sharing screen space with GV Prakash, Pallak says, "I look up to his versatility. He adapted to his role easily and I asked him if he is used to doing such roles and that is when everybody told me that this is the first time he is playing such a character." 

The actress adds that these are the kind of roles that would create an appeal to wider section of audiences. "To become a household name, an aspiring artiste should take up such roles to establish themselves in the long run. I have been reading quite a few Tamil scripts and exploring if they will be as challenging as my role in Kuppathu Raja," she concludes.


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