Actress Pranitha Subhash Enjoys Keeping In Touch With Fans Cinema News

Actress Pranitha Subhash enjoys keeping in touch with fans

Actress Pranitha Subhash of Saguni fame says she likes to stay in touch with her fans, but wants to add a personal touch to the whole experience. For this, she has come out with her personal app. Pranitha launched the Pranitha Subhash Official App in collaboration with New York-based tech firm EscapeX. “I am really excited to be launching my very own app. 

I have always enjoyed keeping in touch with my fans and interacting with them but with the app we take it one step ahead since it’s so personalised,” Pranitha says  “I’m hoping to keep it very interactive and I promise to keep checking it as often as possible. I will have lots of contests, lots of fun and it’s going to be much more than film promotions. I am really excited about this,” adds the actress, who has worked in Kannada and  Telugu films as well.


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