Actress Sadha: It Was Not An Intentional Break Cinema News

Actress Sadha: It was not an intentional break

She has been MIA in Kollywood for a few years now, but Sadaa seems mighty confident that her film with Abdul Majith (of Tamizhan fame), Torch Light, will more than make up for it. “I was very happy with the way Majith narrated the script to me. I could connect with the character right from the time of narration. This is a role that is very different from what I’ve done so far. There are several characters that are pivotal to the script, and each one is required for the story to progress. I am really happy with the way the film’s progressing,” begins the actress.

The film is set in the 90s, and deals with the lives of sex workers. “The baseline of the film is prostitution, but there is a lot of emotion and thrills in the script,” she says, adding, “I didn’t have to do much research for the film. It’s set in a period that we are all familiar with. So, a lot of work was required only in terms of finalising the look, like the saris that were popular then.”

Ask Sadaa if she’s looking at doing more projects in Kollywood, now that she’s making a comeback, and she says, “It was not an intentional break. I was tied up with a reality show in Telugu. Usually, reality shows are on air for just three or four months, but this went on for three years! That said, I don’t have any regrets because I really enjoyed doing it. I did get offers while I was doing the show, but they weren’t something that I hadn’t done before. But Torch Light worked for me because it was an intriguing story, and I only had to shoot for about 25 days for my portions. Now, I’m looking at other scripts, and Majith has also given me another narration. So, I might do his film next as well. But things are at a nascent stage.”

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