Actress Seetha ‘attends’ Her Daughter’s Engagement Ceremony! Cinema News


Actress Seetha attended her daughter’s engagement ceremony held in Chennai over the weekend.

Seetha fell in love with and married actor-producer-director R. Parthiepan during the making of the national award-winning film Pudhea Paadhai, which released in 1989 and turned out to be a colossal hit. Parthiepan and Seetha got married a year later but separated in 2001 with Parthiepan winning the custody of daughter Keerhana.

Keerthana got engaged to marry director Akshay, son of award-winning editor Sreekar Prasad. Seetha took part in the engagement ceremony and blessed her daughter who appeared over the moon with her mother’s blessings. Keerthana and Akshay were in love for the past eight years and are getting married on 08th March after their families said ‘yes’ to take their love affair to its logical conclusion – marriage!

Only a few close relatives and friends attended the engagement ceremony. Seetha conceded that even if she had looked on her own for a suitable bridegroom for her daughter, she wouldn’t have been able to locate a guy like Akshay who would be a perfect ‘husband’ for Keerthana!


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