Ar Rahman: 'i Always Find Northeast Fascinating' Cinema News

AR Rahman: 'I Always Find Northeast Fascinating'

Oscar-winning composer A.R. Rahman, who has been named as the first brand ambassador of Sikkim, hopes India becomes more inclusive towards the ‘fascinating’ Northeast, which he feels is a treasure waiting to be explored.

“I always find the Northeast region fascinating. It is a part of India that we were not exposed to that much. In this move (appointment as brand ambassador), there is an opportunity for doing this. I think we should be more inclusive of the Northeast,” Rahman said.

Rahman started his journey in the film industry with Roja in 1992, and went on to establish his signature of fusing various musical elements in his compositions which include classical and contemporary to very earthy sounds of nature.

For 2018, Rahman’s work slate is full, and he is looking forward to challenging himself by entering new zones. “99 Songs - my first film as a producer, writer and directed by Vishwesh Krishnamoorthy, will be releasing this year. There are other movies like 2.0, and another couple of Tamil movies as well as some surprises (in the year). I am excited about all of it.” 

On his next international film, he says, “Yes (there is). But I can’t reveal anything. Maybe by the year-end, you will know something.”


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