Baahubali Fame Rana: 'i Didn't Set Out To Be A Regular Hero' Cinema News

Baahubali fame Rana: 'I Didn't Set Out To Be A Regular Hero'

The Baahubali star says he didn’t set out to be a regular hero as his mantra is to keep trying new things. His career graph is filled with diverse projects - something he is proud of. “My mantra has always been, ‘Give me something new and I’ll do it with all my heart’. That is what I truly believe and look for in every project,” Rana said. 

He also adds that he loves entertaining people. “I get restless if I don’t do something. I love to be in the entertainment space, and my aim is to create new content and entertain people, whether it’s in movies or on TV. I truly believe that cinema is a collaborative effort and as long as I get to tell, and be part of, interesting stories, and work with genuine people, I don’t see any project as a risk.” 

The actor recently lent his voice to the character of super villain Thanos for the Telugu version of Hollywood film, Avengers: Infinity War. “I felt the sheer power of Thanos while dubbing and tried my best to bring it through the voice. It was fascinating because the entire story is told from the point of view of Thanos. It is also good to be associated with one of the most successful film franchises in the world. I have grown up reading Marvel Comics and (watching) Marvel movies with their intricately woven story lines... They have been some of my favourite movies to watch. My early memories would perhaps be reading about Iron Man and watching that film first,” said the actor.  


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