Bigg Boss Oviya: My ‘mr. Right’ Should Know To Treat Women With Dignity Cinema News


Actress Oviya has said that she didn’t have any high expectations about her ‘Mr. Right’ except for the basic condition that he should know to treat a woman with dignity. “I can’t digest someone who doesn’t give women their due respect,” she says with her typical, trademark shrug of her shoulders.

The Bigg Boss fame actress has quite a few films in her kitty including Oviyaavai Vittaa Yaaru, Seeni, Silukkuvarpatti Singam and Lawrence’s Kanchana 3. Thanks to her participation and unceremonious exit in last year’s reality show Bigg Boss on Vijay TV, she has become hugely popular among film producers and directors.

“I didn’t want a usual 9 to 5 job and thus preferred modeling as a profession and never thought I’d be in films as an actress. I don’t bother much about the failure or success of my films as I given 100% effort in all my films. I believe in the adage ‘do your best; hope for the best’ as destiny determines our course of lives.

“I have plenty of fans today who may not be with them tomorrow; in fact, I had no fans at all some time back. I have seen all ups and downs and won’t let success go to my head. I’m happy with whatever I have achieved and whatever has come my way. I’m yet to decide who would be my ‘Mr. Right’ but he has to be a woman-respecting soul and one who treats women with dignity,” Oviya concludes.


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