Bungalow Row: What Did You Hide Behind Walls, Up Govt Asks Former Cm Akhilesh Yadav India News

Bungalow row: What did you hide behind walls, UP govt asks former CM Akhilesh Yadav

Samajwadi Party and BJP on Wednesday traded charges over the damage to former CM Akhilesh Yadav’s bungalow after he alleged that it was stage-managed by the state government to malign him. The UP government hit back, saying the SP president was behaving like a “petulant child” and if he claimed that he spent his own money on the renovation of the bungalow, he must submit proof.

“It’s a conspiracy of BJP after its defeat in the by-elections in Gorakhpur, Phulpur, Kairana and Noorpur. It is rattled after these defeats,” Akhilesh said at a press conference in Lucknow.

His reaction came four days after videos of large-scale damage to 4, Vikramaditya Marg, which he had vacated after an SCorder, went viral.

On Tuesday, Governor Ram Naik had written to the CM for a probe into the damage. In response, Akhilesh said, “Ram Naik had RSS, and not the Constitution, in his soul.” Akhilesh said no fittings installed by authorities at the bungalow had been removed.

“I want to ask them to check the inventory of the house and tell me what I have taken away. I am waiting for the report,” he said, adding CM’s OSD Abhishek Kaushik and secretary Mrityunjay Narain went to the house before it was shown to the media.

Pointing out that things could be planted at the house, he said, “I want to tell BJP leaders that same officers will find something when you leave your house.”

“If I am told about the missing things, I will return them immediately. Some say there was a swimming pool which I filled up before leaving the premises. I am ready to go there again. Show me the pool,” he said.

Accusing Akhilesh of acting like a “petulant child”, UP government spokesperson and minister Siddharth Nath Singh said, “I would like to ask Akhileshji what he had hidden behind the walls because of which he had to strip them away before leaving.”


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