Creating An Alternative Reality, Says Composer Ar Rahman Cinema News

Creating an alternative reality, says Composer AR Rahman

Known for his powerful music and introvert nature, Oscar-winning composer AR Rahman said that as an artiste, he prefers to create analternate reality as opposed to expressing an opinion on the troubled socio-political scenario worldwide.

Rahman mostly refrains from commenting on any current affairs like many celebrities. Asked if the socio- political situations affect him, Rahman said here, “I think this is a golden time for the artiste to express, to unify people. The artiste inside you should wake up now, this is our time. There should be a revolution now. I feel more inspired now in terms of the adversity that is happening, because an artiste is the one who does not reflect the reality.

He creates an alternative reality.” He believes that human stories always connect people along with the music. “When we play music profes-sionally, there are certain things that we do — there is a competitive spirit, things like who is playing something faster than the other.”

While his involvement in main- stream movies is shifting to only se- lective projects, Rahman is utilising his creative energy to expand his horizon beyond being a musician. “I am learning about storytelling, script writing and film production because of my production house. I do not want to be naive about things as a producer. If I am asking a film director to change something in his piece of work, I should pinpoint the right thing that is possible to change. So that in the differ- ence of thought, we can find a creative solution.” Two films — 99 Songs and Le Musk (India’s first virtual reality film) — are there in the pipeline from his production house.


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