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Developing these 5 habits will help promote positivity at your workplace

Ways to create a positive work environment

We all witness that phase in our professional lives when getting up in the morning and motivating ourself to go to office seem like an impossible task. We feel cranky for no reason and nothing helps to cheer us up, sounds familiar? Well, it is the time to develop a few habits that help to promote positivity at your workplace and boost your morale. Here is some help to get you out of this rut…

​Practising gratitude

The next time you crib about your job and feel demotivated, take a deep breath and think about those who have a degree from a reputed college but are sitting jobless at their home. Or, the ones who do blue-collar jobs in harsh environment and struggle to make their ends meet. It’s not just you, but everybody is struggling in some way or the other in their professional lives. Count your blessings and realise you are in a better position than millions. 

​Be organised

A little preparation and planning your work in advance help in staying stress-free and positive throughout the week. Keeping your deadlines and important tasks in mind and start your day by preparing a to-do list. It would help you to prioritise your work, manage your time efficiently and in turn, stay organised.

Work only during office hours

If you have the tendency to stress out or think about work even when you are home, you are disrupting your own work-life balance. Develop a habit to not check official emails, chat groups or attend work-related calls after office hours, until and unless it is an emergency. Try to cut off from your professional world the moment you step out of the office, and use this personal time to relax and spend quality time with your family.

​Take breaks

Working continuously for hours without taking any breaks hampers your productivity and in turn, lowers your morale in long term. Develop a habit to get up from your work desk to take short coffee breaks, walk around or simply tune out by listening to some music. This change in environment helps in improving your mood and boosting positivity.

​Keep visual reminders

Put up a few inspiring posters around your work desk and read them whenever you feel bogged down. You can also place photos of your near and dear ones on your work station, and seeing them would bring a smile on your face whenever you feel the environment around you is negative.

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