Dhanush And Simbu Attent Actor Santhanam's Sakka Podu Podu Raja Audio Launch Cinema News

Dhanush and Simbu attent Actor Santhanam's Sakka Podu Podu Raja audio launch

The music album of Santhanam’s Sakka Podu Podu Raja was launched on Wednesday in Chennai. The film marks the debut of Simbu aka STR as a music composer. The audio launch of Sakka Podu Podu Raja also saw the presence of Simbu, Dhanush, Yuvan Shankar Raja, VTV Ganesh, Rajesh and Harish Kalyan among others. At the event, Simbu, who has been embroiled in controversies, addressed all the allegations against him.

Read all the highlights from the audio launch of Sakka Podu Podu Raja:

9:44 pm: “Simbu had sent me the songs after he finished and asked me to come for the audio launch. It’s my duty to come if Simbu calls me. That is the right thing to do,” says Dhanush.

9:38 pm: “If I had hurt anybody, I apologise. Please consider me as a part of your family and forgive me,” says Simbu.

9:37 pm: An emotional Simbu says, “I don’t know anything other than this. I have worked for this every second with full interest. So I’m not going anywhere”

9:34 pm: “I don’t need to only act in films to entertain my fans. If I get a red notice, it’s okay. I will still keep doing things for my fans,” quips Simbu.

9:33 pm: “Mani sir has until now told me that I would be acting in the film. I’m working on my body for that film. I don’t know why he trusts me so much,” says Simbu.

9:32 pm: “I apologise here today if there is any mistake on my part,” adds Simbu.

9:31 pm: “I agree that AAA didn’t do well, due to budget issues it had to be made in two parts. But they could have told me during shoot or after shoot. It’s a bit disheartening to hear this after 6 months,” says Simbu.


9:30 pm: “I agree that I have made mistakes as well,” says Simbu.

9:29 pm: “I don’t want to complain like school kids that someone has said something. I have always been very honest whether it’s my relationships or other things,” says Simbu.

9:28 pm: “Dhanush is the humblest person I know,” says Simbu.

9:27 pm: “Dhanush deserves a round of applause for coming here, just for that despite a lot of other things,” says Simbu.

9:26 pm: “There might be so many rumours about our competition, but we always had true love and respect for each other,” Simbu on Dhanush.

9:25 pm: “Last but not the least, I thank my ‘enemy’ Dhanush. It might sound arrogant, but people perceive me to be that anyway. Before my first film, I used to be at Yuvan’s place. Thulluvatho Ilamai songs were being composed then. I used to say back then that hero doesn’t look good,” says Simbu.

9:22 pm: “I miss Vaali, Na. Muthukumar at this point,” says Simbu.

9:21 pm: “Anirudh Ravichander, my partner in crime and a special friend, I thank him as well,” says Simbu.

9:20 pm: “Yuvan Shankar Raja is the reason I am a music composer today. I also thank all the composers I have worked with,” says Simbu.

9:19 pm: “Understanding me is tough. I know it myself. He has always understood me through everything,” Simbu on Yuvan Shankar Raja.

9:18 pm: “I have grown up listening to Ilaiyaraaja. Ilaiyaraaja and Michael Jackson have been my inspirations. ARR is like a godfather. Yuvan is my brother from another mother. In fact, I had even asked for his horoscope, so that if I find a girl of the same horoscope I could marry her,” says Simbu.

9:16 pm: “I thank God, industry, media friends and my fans. I am very happy to stand here as a music director. Music is something I really enjoy. I agreed to this film for Santhanam. I didn’t introduce Santhanam. I thought he is a good talent and wanted him to do well. He has proved that today. I’m very happy,” says Simbu.

9:14 pm: “I thank Simbu’s fans for giving me a tremendous welcome at his function. The same will happen at my event with Simbu as well,” says Dhanush.

9:13 pm: “Cinema is a fading art. The theater culture is fastly fading. We don’t act just for our fans. All should see the movies we act. The love we have for one person shouldn’t turn into hate for someone else,” says Dhanush.

9:12 pm: “Your fans don’t expect anything like me. I request you on their behalf to give at least 2 films per year. It’s your duty,” Dhanush tells Simbu.

9:11 pm: “I would love to sing for Simbu. I was wondering why he didn’t call me for this. We might act together as well,” says Dhanush.

9:10 pm: “Friends are people who are there for each others problems. I have been there for him and he has been there with me without expectations,” says Dhanush.9:09 pm: Dhanush adds, “I told him that I can’t dance like Simbu. I still say the same.”

9:07 pm: “I used to go to sets of Thulluvatho Ilamai without interest. At that point, I couldn’t dance well. The dance master used to quote Simbu’s dance as reference,” says Dhanush.

9:06 pm: “Simbu and I debuted as heroes together in 2003. We have always been pitted against each other. It is easy to get opportunities but it’s tough to be consistent and last. It’s been 15 years and Simbu is still here,” says Dhanush.

9 pm: Santhanam plays a cop in Sakka Podu Podu Raja.

8:47 pm: Director Rajesh revealed that his next film is with Santhanam. He adds, “I gave him 5 scripts but finally we fixed on one. We will shoot from January.”

8:46 pm: “Simbu always finds happiness seeing the growth of other people. He truly wishes them well. During recording, I couldn’t hit a note. He came near me, and sang the note for me in the recording booth so that I could get it,” says Harish Kalyan.

8:45 pm: Bigg Boss Tamil fame Harish Kalyan is on stage. He has sung a song in the film, “Sakka Sakka Podu Raja’.

8:38 pm: The third song is “Vaa munima” sung by Simbu’s parents T Rajendran and Usha.

8:37 pm: “Santhanam has always been the same. The people he has been associated with at the start are still with him. That’s the reason behind his success,” says Mayilsamy.

8:26 pm: “Santhanam is a huge devotee of Lord Shiva. “Why this Kolaveri di” was the first official video that I shot. Thanks to Dhanush for the opportunity,” said DOP Abinandan Ramanujam.

8:23 pm: “Simbu did a guest appearance in Kanna Laddu Thina Aasaya. We waited almost a day for him to come, but he finished his part in a single take,” says Kanna Laddu Thinna Aasaiya actor Sethu.

8:13 pm: Yuvan Shankar Raja has sung a song as well. The song’s name is Kaadhal Devathai.

8:11 pm: “When we used to work, Simbu used to keep exploring my keyboard and system for new sounds. Music is not new to Simbu. My song took 4-5 hours to record. It was quite an emotional moment to sing for him,” says music composer Yuvan Shankar Raja.

8:05 pm: The songs have been sung by music directors. The second song, “Vaadi vaadi pulla”, has been sung by Leon James.



7:55 pm: The first song has been sung by Anirudh. The name of the song is “Kalaku Machan”. It features five dance choreographers.

7:49 pm: VTV Ganesh adds, “The star of today’s event is Simbu. He completed 5 tunes within 15-20 days.”7:47 pm: Filmmaker VTV Ganesh says, “When we started the film, I told Santhanam that while the script is good but we need good music. Just as ARR’s music changed VTV. Simbu’s songs have done the same for Sakka Podu Podu Raja.”

7:43 pm: “If audio launches need to be a hit, they call a Hollywood star. We have a Hollywood star with us – Dhanush,” says Santhanam.

7:37 pm: STR, Santhanam and Dhanush have arrived at the venue.

7 pm: As the event is slated to begin at 7 pm, Santhanam’s fans have given the area the feel of a festival with chants praising the comedian echoing in the air.


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