Facebook Messenger Back After Suffered A Global Outage; Crash Reported On Pc And Mobile Technology News

Facebook Messenger back after suffered a global outage; crash reported on PC and mobile

Facebook Messenger is back after having suffered a global outage. Users of the PC and app-based service had reported issues sending and receiving messages. Evidently, the problem was affecting the service on mobile and PC platforms. Users trying to access the Messenger app were shown a “chat is currently down” message. The same text was also displayed on PCs, where the chat window at the right hand side of the social networking site’s pages were unable to show chat histories. For those users who operate the Facebook-owned service from the Messenger website, the homepage opened, but after login, the messaging tool could not show chat histories.

The problem seemed to have surfaced around 4pm IST (10:30 am GMT), and persisted across the app and website for users. Many expressed their outrage on micro-blogging website Twitter, with ‘messenger not working’ being the common complaint. This included a list of issues, where people talked about disturbance with office and personal chats.

Many attempted to do so through tweets, as the issue persisted. This is the second outage that has been reported in the last week, as a similar occurrence was seen on November 30.

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