Fairy Tale Time With Sree And Sindhu Of Pyaar Prema Kaadhal Cinema News

Fairy Tale time with sree and sindhu of Pyaar Prema Kaadhal

Director Elan along with the lead cast of Pyaar Prema Kaadhal, Harish Kalyan and Raiza Wilson, visited the DTNext office, and shared with us all about their characters in the film

The team of Pyaar Prema Kaadhal, all dressed in white, reached our premises on time for the interaction.

They looked pretty much chilled out ahead of the film’s release on Friday. The team tells us that they are happy about all the positivity surrounding the film prior to its release. “We wanted to create an anticipation around the film, ever since it went on floors. However, the expectation levels are higher than we had expected. Thanks to our producer and composer Yuvan Shankar Raja. The lyrics of Hey Hello song immediately struck a chord with the audience,” begins director Elan. Harish Kalyan says that they have been discussing about this as part of their promotional strategy for quite a while now.

“Before the release of the trailer, we were cautious about what we wanted to present the audience with. So, we withheld the suspense part of the film for the trailer and the audience are in for a treat when they watch the film in the cinemas,” says Harish Kalyan.

The team reveals that though the film is a romcom, it will have an emotional connect. “And that is what will build the suspense around the story. We could have easily achieved our target by showing those emotional elements with a BGM composed by Yuvan.

It could have taken the trailer altogether to a different level. However, we decided to mellow down and still succeeded in reaching our target audience,” adds Elan.
As Harish and Elan do the talking, we see Raiza listening to them and also happy in her own world. Harish says,

“This is how she was even when we shot for the film.” “Yes, I’m always in a zone and I don’t talk much. Even during the shoot, I sit quietly after shooting for my scenes and Elan would be busy with his work while Harish was the one who went around the sets socialising with the unit,” said Raiza with a smile.

However, from there she tunes in and talks about Yuvan’s wife Zafroon designing costumes for Raiza. “She is making her debut as a designer and she did it passionately. She sat with Elan and discussed every single frame and selected the costumes very carefully,” she says.

The actress also tells us that she went through mixed emotions after she listened to the script. “I was nervous, excited and happy. I believed that I could pull off the role of Sindhuja. But then I put myself under a lot of pressure.

The effort was worth it,” adds Raiza. Harish too divulges about his role and tells us that he plays a middleclass boy. “I knew that my role of Sri in Pyaar Prema Kaadhal will reach the masses,” he says. Elan clarifies, “That is why we never promoted Harish’s role as ‘your boy-next-door’ character. Every boy would relate to Harish as well as Raiza’s role.” “Every girl will see herself in Sindhuja,” Raiza remarks.

Elan also tells us that he looked to capitalise on Harish and Raiza’s popularity they had achieved through Bigg Boss Season 1.

“This film is crucial because I was looking to make use of the image that Bigg Boss gave me. I wasn’t game for anything that would have been a little lesser of what the reality show gave me. But PPK will boost my image,” says Harish. Elan said, “Though this film is crucial we all had fun working on it,” as they posed candidly for our photographer before leaving our office.


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