Inequality A Consequence Of Congress Policies: Bjp India News

Inequality a consequence of Congress policies: BJP

The BJP hit back at Congress chief Rahul Gandhi for his remarks targeting PM Narendra Modi over uneven distribution of wealth in India, saying it was the result of the Gandhi family's patented "poverty perpetuation" governance model.

In a tweet, Rahul had asked Modi to tell people in Davos why 1% of India's population had 73% of its wealth. He tagged a news report that quoted a survey by Oxfam for 2017. BJP spokesman Sambit Patra said, "While PM Modi by his historic speech made India proud, Rahul Gandhi is talking about a phenomenon which was perpetrated by the Gandhi family. He should be asking his family this question considering they have been mostly at the helm since independence.

"Another BJP spokesman, GVL Narasimha Rao, tweeted, "This inequality is the disastrous consequence of your family's patented Nehru Congress's 'poverty perpetuation' model of governance by which only Congressis became rich."


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