Karky Travels Back In Time And Enjoys It Cinema News

Karky travels back in time and enjoys it

Lyrics engineer and writer Madhan Karky, in an interview, talks about writing Tamil dialogues for the upcoming Malayalam film Kayamkulam Kochunni starring Nivin Pauly

The multifaceted Madhan Karky is writing Tamil dialogues for the upcoming Malayalam period film Kayamkulam Kochunni. “It is shaping up well and we are completely focused on it,” he begins. The film is set in the 1800s and Nivin Pauly plays the titular role. The movie will be dubbed in Tamil for which the team will zero in on a title later. “There have been many Robin Hood-like films in Tamil. MGR’s Ma laikallan could be one of the classic examples. 

However, Kayamakulam Kochunni will be a different film altogether and the director, Rosshan Andrrews, has done a brilliant job with the film,” he says. Madhan, who has previously written Tamil dialogues for the Baahubali franchise, Bajirao Mastani and Nadigaiyar Thilagam tells us that it is challenging to write dialogues for a film from another language. “The most challenging thing is to maintain the nativity and at the same time, it should strike a chord with the Tamil audience. 

Baahubali gave me the liberty to change the name of the characters to suit the Tamil sensitivity. I could change Maahishmathi to Magizhmathi in Tamil and Bhalladeva to Pallvaal Thevan and it worked big time. However, I couldn’t do that in KK , but I am enjoying the process,” he smiles. We ask him about travelling back in time for screenwriting for period and epic films and taking references for Tamil words from the 12th or 19th century, he says, “I am fortunate to have done that. I was particular that I will have to use colloquial Tamil as it is a story of a commoner. The words they have used for measurement back in those days were different. Those are the words I had to refer to. Moreover, the Tamil spoken in the film will not be restricted to only one dialect. 

Only a couple of characters in the film will be seen speaking Tamil in a different dialect.” The writer also clarifies that he takes up projects that have good content. “The audience and critics motivate and help me to improve my work with every film. I got more offers but had to refuse them as they weren’t challenging. I look for films with good content and that challenges me,” he concludes. 

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