Leaked Still From Thalapathy 62 Draws Ire From Makers Cinema News

Leaked still from Thalapathy 62 draws ire from makers

A still from Vijay 62 in which, actress Keerthy Suresh is seen sitting on the sofa and Vijay sitting on the floor and facing the camera, went viral on social media on Sunday. While one section of netizens speculated that it was a still from the shooting spot, a niche section of the audience said that the photo is for a commercial for a city-based salon. 

When contacted a source close to Vijay and asked if this is the first commercial that he is a part of after endorsing a soft drink in the late 90s, he said, “The photo was taken while they were styling Keerthy Suresh for one of the scenes from the film and the salon had misused it for their own purpose. This wasn’t supposed to be leaked on the internet and a stringent action has been taken against them.”


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