Mixing Petrol With Kerosene -- Stf Busts Racket: Dambulla Police Srilanka News

Mixing petrol with kerosene -- STF busts racket: Dambulla Police

A racket, in which petrol has been mixed with kerosene while being readied for transport in a bowser, was uncovered by the Dambulla Police STF today.

They had busted this racket being operated at an abandoned metal quarry in Galewela Makulugaswewa. Investigations revealed that the bowser was allegedly owned by Trincomalee District UNP MP M.A.M. Maharoof.

When the police raided the site they found the driver and his assistant were busy drawing out more than 100 litres of petrol from the bowser using a hose and filling them into plastic barrels, and replaced with kerosene.

The police arrested the driver and his assistant and the bowser and a lorry that transported kerosene taken into custody. It was also revealed that this bowser being used by the LIOC to transport fuel.

When contacted, Mr. Maharoof denied any connection with this racket and that he was unable to contact the driver or his assistant. He insisted that a complain be lodged.

The STF led by Inspector L. Ranathunga carried out the raid on a tip off.

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