Nadigar Sangam Thanks Actress Nayanthara, Vijay Sethupathi, Karthi For Not Attending Filmfare Awards Cinema News


In the Past, there have been several film-related functions, Award ceremonies, Dance programmes and Television Programmes in which actors have participated and many have performed in such functions.

However, in recent times, such functions have taken a commercial twist and conducted as a means to generate huge revenue for such organizing entities.

Considering the above, it had been officially resolved in Nadigar Sangam special meeting that actors should participate only in functions in which they are paid or only in functions where the organizing entities contribute donations to Nadigar Sangam and Tamil Film Producer Council.

Post this resolution, Colors TV, Vijay TV Awards and Galatta Dot Com Award ceremonies contributed donations to Nadigar Sangam which were used to provide health and educational aid to deserving members.

This practice and decision have been communicated clearly to Film Fare Award organizers in view of the function to be held in Hyderabad on 16th June 2018.

Since the organizers of the event did not cooperate and come forth with any positive response, the same was communicated to our members.

We duly thank and acknowledge Ms Nayantara , Mrs Khushboo Sundar, Mr Vijay Sethupathi and Mr Si Karthi and others who complied with the resolution of Nadigar Sangam and did not attend the function.

We further request all actors to abide by the Resolution passed in Nadigar Sangam special meeting with respect to participation in such functions and your cooperation will go a long way in backing the cause of supporting deserving members of Nadigar Sangam who need our aid.


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