On Location: High-energy Levels On The Sets Of 100% Kaadhal Cinema News

ON LOCATION: High-energy levels on the SETS OF 100% KAADHAL

We visit the sets of 100% Kaadhal on a day when the entire team, including Padmashri Thota Tharani, is present. They talk to us about the day’s shoot on the sets of a temple erected at the AVM Studios and the pranks that heroine Shalini Pandey played with the unit.

As we enter the ground floor of AVM Studios in Vadapalani, we see the caravans of GV Prakash, Shalini Pandey and Nasser parked in the front. A narrow pathway from the backyard leads to the sets of 100% Kaadhal, the Tamil remake of 100% Love, where director MM Chandramouli and cameraman Ganesh Rajavelu are in the midst of a discussion of a shot.

A huge set of a temple has been erected and GV Prakash, the hero of the film, is spotted sitting on a bench with Shalini Pandey and Nasser. Chandramouli greets us and says, “Today, we are shooting for a ‘special song,’ Diyalo Diya in the Telugu version. The Tamil version too is equally engrossing and we have assembled at 9 am and will shoot till 6 pm.” Chandramouli quickly clarifies that though it is a remake of the Telugu original, the film, including the sets, has been created in such a way that it caters to the Tamil audience. The script has been done in such a way to cater to Tamil sensibilities.

“I have been in this industry as a producer and a distributor for three decades and I have utilised that experience for 100% Kaadhal. Firstly, we haven’t used or have tried to show anything that has been used as a prop in the Telugu film. At the same time, the film will be known for its grandeur. When I say grandeur, it means the visual grandeur as well as the script’s. I look to use the funds in the right way,” he tells us even as the legendary art director Thota Tharani enters the sets quietly. “Sir, the sets look beautiful,” Chandramouli tells Tharani. “Meekosram aiyya (It’s for you),” replies the art director in Telugu. They smile at each other.

Thota Tharani walks around the sets and ensures that everything is intact for the day’s shoot and asks the unit to maintain silence as Chandramouli resumes the shot. The song is played, and the take is approved. “What you see today resembles a temple in a village in Tamil Nadu. This couldn’t have been recreated from what was done for the Telugu version because, temples here look different. However, I have done my best. The ceiling here is a low-roof one, about 30 or 35 feet high. Had it been higher, I could have used the space better,” Tharani tells us.

He also adds that his works of art are the reflections of his learning. “People generally say, I learn from my seniors. But I don’t do that. I learn from my juniors. I learn from someone who is 30 years younger to me. That is how I keep upgrading myself,” he smiles.

He takes us to another area where a bullock cart is parked in between walls and says, “The paintings on walls, resemble a street and the cart is standing right on the middle, that is how we must use space,” and asks Chandramouli if the scene has been completed.

GV Prakash dressed in a silk veshti and shirt, styled by Kavitha Sachi meets us and Shalini Pandey follows. They smile at each other before bursting into laughter and Shalini says, “Ever since the movie began, I have been playing pranks on the photographer and he still hasn’t found out that it is me.”

GV says, “She passed on a letter to him asking to meet her on the sets at a fixed time and that she would be wearing a red dress. Ever since, he has groomed himself well and has been walking around looking for his secret admirer!”

Talking about shooting for the film, Shalini says that it has been a refreshing experience. “We are more like a family. GV comes across as a very calm person. However, when he gets out of his zone, he is so much fun. The shoot is almost wrapped up and I can’t wait to talk more about it,” she smiles.

“This film will show me in a different light. I am more like a nerd and my character’s name is Balu while Shalini plays a girl named Mahalakshmi. Though I was shooting for other films simultaneously, 100% Kaadhal boosted my energy levels,” concludes GV as the team headed for lunch.


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