Ooty Has An Unknown Dimension To It - Director Karthick Naren Cinema News

Ooty has an unknown DIMENSION TO IT - Director Karthick Naren

…says director Karthick Naren, whose upcoming film Naragasooran is set against the backdrop of Ooty. He also tells us how crucial Naragasooran is to his career after his maiden film  Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru went on to become a blockbuster

Karthick Naren might look like a college-going boy. But when he gets talking about films, we realise that he is a little too serious for his age. All of 24, Karthick Naren rose to fame with his debut film Dhuru vangal Pathinaaru aka D16 in 2016. While his contemporaries, Karthik Subbaraj, Nalan Kumarasamy and Ranjith,  have often been referred to as ‘new-gen directors’ by the who’s who of tinseltown, he is still being addressed as the D16 director. 

“After your debut film succeeds, it is common that people address you with the name of that film. But that is a huge responsibility that is given to you. So, the second film obviously becomes more crucial than the first and I have worked with that intent ever since we began the pre-production work of Naragasooran,” says Karthick. He tells us that the story has been set against the backdrop of Ooty, his hometown. “Everybody knows Ooty as a tourist destination. 

However, there is another dimension to the hill town that most of them do not know of. Even for holidays, when I go there, my grandmother used to tell me not to go and play in a nearby ground. There are many such places,” he says. He quickly clarifies that Nar agasooran isn’t a horror film. “It’s a suspense thriller with an emotional connect. Newly-married Sundeep and Aathmika go to Ooty and there they meet Arvind Swami and Sriya Saran. 

Indrajith plays a police officer. How these characters are connected and how the suspense unfolds form the rest of the story,” he adds. When asked about making backto-back suspense thrillers, he says, “I am a fan of Alfred Hitchcock. All his movies are of the same genre but have a different aspect to them. My next film Naadagamedai is a completely different one, which will still have the suspense factor,” he smiles. Talking about working with Arvind Swami, he says, “He had no apprehensions that I am a new director. In fact, he is fun to be with,” he concludes. Produced by Badri Venkatesh, Nara gasooran will release on August 31.


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