Revising Committee Has Refused To Certify Marina Puratchi Cinema News

Revising committee has refused to certify Marina Puratchi

Though the makers are ready with the first copy, it looks like, CBFC undecided to certify the film due to its controversial content. The film, which was recently sent to the first revising committee, since the main board refused to certify it, is facing the heat again. Sources say that actress Gauthami, who heads the revising committee has refused to provide certification for the film as they believe that the climax sequences might invite unnecessary problems. 

Talking about it to DTNext, director MS Raj says, “The regional officer of CBFC refused to certify our film stating that we have taken names of some prominent ministers and celebrities, and the scenes might hurt them. However, I argued saying Marina Puratchi is kind of an investigative documentary that will reveal details about what exactly happened during the protest. In fact, I have all documents to prove that the events in the film are true. They were in no mood to listen and sent my film to the first revising committee headed by Gauthami.” 

He adds, “She was not interested to listen to me as well. She said that it’s an important story to tell but lots of high-profile names are being referred to in the film and it is not easy to take a decision immediately.” Raj doesn’t want to send this film to the second revising committee as he believes that their response will be the same. “I am pretty sure that they are going to refuse it without proper explanation. I am thinking of screening my film to FCAT (Film Certification Appellate Tribunal) in Delhi in the hope that they will find solution.”

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