Samantha Made U-turn Remakes Possible: Pawan Kumar Cinema News

Samantha made U-Turn remakes possible: Pawan Kumar

Pawan Kumar, the director of Kannada blockbusters Lucia and U-Turn, is looking to make his mark in the Tamil and Telugu film industries with the remake of the latter in respective languages. Talking about adapting his own films in other languages, he said, “I believe working on original scripts rather than remakes. When it came to U-Turn, I ensured that I would be working on this film only if Samantha agreed to play the lead. Else, I don’t think I would be directing a remake ever.” Pawan added that it wasn’t Samantha, who was his obvious choice, but it was the other way around. “Ever since she saw the trailer of the original in Kannada, she wanted to remake this film in Tamil and Telugu. Both these industries have a vast audience and we felt Samantha was the right person to take it to the masses. She was responsible for things falling in place. 

Also, she  believed that the role of Rachana, an  intern with a newspaper, reflects off  screen personality.”

The film that will release across 700 screens in three states today, was physically taxing, said Pawan. 

“We shot in Tamil first and then the same scene in Telugu. When it came to improvisation, we had to juggle between both these languages till they looked on a par with each other. Apart from that we also had several rounds of discussion during the pre-production in order to tweak the film to cater to the sensibilities of Tamil and Telugu cultures,” he added. The actor-director said that he awaited the release of U-Turn before taking up any other projects in Tamil and Telugu. 

“My decision depends on how people receive this film. We have justified the original and in fact, we have worked in such a way that the remakes will be better than the original,” he concluded.


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