Sneak Peak Of Actor Vijay Antony's 'kaali' Cinema News

Sneak peak of Actor Vijay Antony's 'Kaali'

Music composer turned actor Vijay Antony pushed the boundaries in terms marketing his film, by releasing the first ten minutes of his film Saithan online in 2016, much to the amazement of the audience and the entire industry. Interestingly again, he has released the first 7 minutes of his upcoming film 'Kaali' directed by Kiruthiga Udhayanidhi.

Going by the sneak peek, it looks like ‘Kaali’ is a psychological thriller that has several characters and backstories intertwined to provide a gripping tale. It begins with Vijay having a dream that keeps haunting him every single day. It is about a young boy almost getting a hurt by a ragging bull and a snake. Vijay Antony plays a successful doctor in the United States and runs Barath Hosipital along with his father, who is also a doctor. When is mother is rushed to hospital one day and get disgnosed with a kidney failure, Vijay Antony volunteers to donate his kidney. That's when is father reveals his kidney wouldn't match for the surgery since he their adopted child. Once his mother gets normal, he requests if he could visit India for a week to unravel the mystery surrounding the repeated dream. Vijay Antony leaves for India, where we get to see him playing the titular character ‘Kaali’, a village ruffian perhaps.

Going by the posters, the trailer and the sneak peek, looks like Vijay Antony is playing a dual role in the film, Kaali being Barath, the doctor's father.

Produced by Fatima Antony under Vijay Antony Film Corporation, the film also stars Anjali, Sunainaa, Shilpa and Amirtha in pivotal roles. Actors Jayaprakash, Yogi Babu and RK Suresh will be seen in supporting roles. Antony has handled the music department in this film too. ‘Kaali’ is expected to release next month.


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