‘time For Us To Protect Our Women’, Says Ghibran Cinema News

‘Time for us to protect our women’, says ghibran

Ghibran, who has half a dozen films in his kitty has taken time off to create a single based on the problem of sexual harassment. When questioned about the timing of the single’s release, especially as the #MeToomovement is gaining momentum, he says, “Not at all. This idea struck me, when the Nirbhaya incident took place in 2012. The idea that started off as a small spark within me, got developed over different stages.” 

So what prompted him to make the video in a 2D animated format? “I wanted the message in the song to reach kids as well. I could have made this in a live action format, but the content wouldn’t have been suitable for kids. Now, when I showed this video to my son, he realised what’s going on and told me, ‘Appa indha anna panradhu thappu’ (Dad, what’s he’s doing is wrong) We must teach kids about the difference between good touch and bad touch for both boys and girls. This is essential for us to lead a decent life and keep women and children safe.” 

 Ghibran says that he produced this video under his banner Ghibbie Comics Cinemas because he didn’t want this venture to be commercialised. “I want this video to reach people. However, when I approached a few producers, they only saw the business side of it. Then I decided to do it myself and  I learnt 2D animation and took up other technical courses to make this video. My mentor Kamal Haasan launched this video. He has always said that music is the most beautiful art that is hidden in cinema,” he adds. The song, Get Your… is crooned by Chaitra and has lyrics by Jaya Radhakrishnan. 

“The song had another ‘F’ word in the title and many singers didn’t want to do it. However, Chaitra came forward, but we had to change it to freaking due to other reasons. I was shocked to learn that a few people who had worked with me for the song told me that they have been through such harrowing situations in life.It’s time we own up to our responsibilities and take steps to protect our women from being sexually harassed,” he concludes. 

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