'unable To Get It Off My Mind' - Gautham Menon Cinema News


The recent sensation hit track 'Inkem Inkem Inkem Kaavale' from Geetha Govindam continues to top the music charts in the Telugu speaking states. The song has become an instant classic, drawing millions of views on Youtube. The lyrical song already clocked close to 40 million views.

Director Gautham Menon we know has a very good sense of music, almost all the songs from his films have turned out to be a hit no matter who the music director is. When someone like Gautham tweets about a song, just imagine how special that track must be.

Check out what GVM has to say about 'Inkem Inkem' -  "Unable to get inkem inkem inkem kaavaale off my mind and off repeat listening mode. This is when a song and good music helps take over the pain in you. Gopisundar, Ananth sriram and the brilliant @sidsriram Wah!."



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