Worked On The Script For Two Years: Director-producer R Kannan Cinema News

Worked on the script for two years: Director-producer R Kannan

Director-producer R Kannan, who has commenced the post-production work of his upcoming film Boomerang, told DTNext that the shoot wrapped up in just 45 days. “We are now working on the editing on the film and it has been shaping up well. The perks of finishing the film in 45 days is that it will do a world of good for us ahead of the film’s release.” 

Kannan said that the situation in the industry is such that every director should make the best out of given budget and not be extravagant. “Being a producer, I know my limits while making a film and ensure that we do not struggle ahead of the release. Moreover, Boomerang is a script which might have required 90 days of shoot. However, I had things in place before we started rolling. 

My assistants and I worked on four versions of the script and shot two scenes in a day. Atharvaa, Megha, RJ Balaji and Indhuja cooperated well in finishing this film on time.”


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